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Hello I'm Kishan

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I'm Kishan kumar dwivedi. I am an amateur historian, economist, environmentalist cyber security guy. I have been always working on any of these filed all of them have equal interest no matter what, in particular, I like the medieval history of Asia and Europe, the different possibilities of a future sustainable economy, and the premise use of information technology in our future society. while I am also looking to make my part in further of our plant by having a goal to make our plant sustainable. curntrly i am working on my start-up cyberkorp. I am really into this project, here I lead 2 other college students to form this firm and with the all hard work of our team we were able to get some initial investment and as of now, we are a net profitable group. with a vision of security on my mind, I offered my expertise to others to safeguard themself from this nowadays "data theft" I am fully dedicated to learning more and more before using all of my knowledge to do my part in this journey of humanity.

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Fields of interest

I just love to do these things.

Cyber security

To defend computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks.

Sustainable development

The goal is to make our plante to sustain


Geopolitics is the study of the effects of Earth's geography on politics and international relations

cloud technology

having the ability to store and access data and programs over the internet.

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